Dated: September 28 2020

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Joshua Morimoto

A third generation American Japanese born and raised in State of Hawaii.  Expert in scuba diving and using a "Frog" gig to spear Squid and fishes at night.  Will show you how to make a "Crab....

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FOOD & BEVERAGE: The Baby Boomer retirement rush.

Baby Boomer Food and Beverage owners looking to sell their businesses face a challenging current market, and process of business valuation.  As the Baby Boomer owners reach retirement age, many

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Restaurant Revitalization Tax Credit PROPOSAL

Restaurant Revitalization Tax Credit PROPOSAL According to Restaurant Dive; On Thursday, the congressmen introduced the Restaurant Revitalization Tax Credit to help the

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A strong banking relationship

A strong banking relationship is very important. The recent collapse of several banks could deal a blow to the Small Business Administration’s 7(a) lending program. When the

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First looking at the country as a whole, mortgage interest rates are up since the beginning of the year. This is due in large part to the Federal Reserve’s interest rate hikes. There is no

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